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Manga Writers X まんが

What are the manga about?

Hello, My name is JAMAL BUT ya can call me Jamaru. THIS SITE mANGA wRITERS x FEATURES the art and writings by amatures of future manga. I am one myself along with other amature manga writers and animators. Along the list are Alfonso Locklin, the second best writer I know, Brandon Monger, his manga writings are some what emotional to me but they still are good and he's a pretty good drawer also, and Jeremy Trent.....one of my rivals. He is fairly a good drawer and writer but I'll put some of his work and some of everyone eles's work on here soon so that you can decide. The drawings you see now are by DBz fanatic Leo Cummings. Pretty good drawer I might say. It would be good if we all cooperated into making our own manga corporation